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out of my body IF mash

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Quite by accident I was listening to Chris Vaisvil’s time stretched piece and had the improvFriday player going at the same time. It was like that chocolate and peanut butter thing, you know? So here is Chris’ Out of My Body used as a backdrop for some IF pieces from the last week’s event. Artists included are:
Lee Noyes, Jerome Poirier, Chris Vaisvil, Steve Moyes, Steve Layton, Jim Goodin and Jukka-Pekka Kervinen.

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KraftiM said

huge impressive drony piece. Great atmosphere, and I know it's hard to keep it sparse, so was a bit restless around 17/18 mins and was glad to flow back in the great mood again from 19 on. Very well krafted, and can imagine the fun of making it....the longer it takes, the more you wanna play... and less is more, so from 24 on i float again towards heaven..... nice piece indeed, to be consumed horizontally

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vaisvil said

Its bad form to fav something with your own work - nonetheless I like what you've done here!!