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Somebody to Love (Darby Slick)

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TurboShandy said

You've got a great voice! Guitar sounds lovely too.

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epimeison said

Very nice playing and singing!

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Endicott Road said

I like your interpretation of this song. Found myself singing along. Well done. ER

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minus the hat said

THIS IS GREAT! p.s. I thought the Mr. Soul thing too! :)

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cuthbert said

Nice slice of West Coast psych, acoustic-style! Really enjoyed this.

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Vestigial Remorse said

cool song. Awesome job!

Guest said

Can't stop listening to this cover! i really like this a lot!

Guest said

Very nice cover!

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Endicott Road said

Unusual take on Jefferson Airplane, to be sure. Nice restrained vocals and guitar work. Well done. ER

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brando said

nice. cowboy style.

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lumberfork said

Cool take. Well done, even if it made me a bit depressed. ;)

Guest said

Came back for another listen and a cheeky download. Cheers, buddy!

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Johnny Stone said

Top cover brilliant.

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Sandy Gritt said

wicked version! raw and real. Great performance!

Guest said

Oh, yes yes yes! I absolutely adore this song, and this is a wonderful, bitter sweet version.

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Wildgeas Music said

Oh man, this is fabulous. Great choice to cover. Reminds me of an Airplane concert where my brother was working security and Grace got right up in his face and sang this to him.

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kirklynch said

Very nice version!

Guest said

stripped downand bared rendition,spot on.

Guest said

Melancholy and believable! Good cover!

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Mr Sandbags said

Simple and beautiful, I like.

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kavin. said

Drop-D tuning, Cap. And yes BJ the chording is direct influence from NY's unplugged Mr. Soul, you have a keen ear sir.

Guest said

Sweet, well done. 12 string tuned in ?

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Billy Jack said

I thought that was Mr. Soul acoustic my Neil Young for a second. Great version