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Down Tempo

by vaisvil


Riding the L

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A composition for 3 piece jazz band, tenor sax, fretless bass, and drums in 14 equal divisions of the octave and 5/4 time. This was realized using Garritan Jazz and Big Band sample set and Sonar X1.

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vaisvil said

I'm going to put this in my profile if it will fit. the question of how microtonality is perceived and why is a hotly debated one on the tuning list. There seems to be, in general, but not in all cases, shared intervals around the world, like the 5th. However non-western cultures use, in general, microtonal tunings. !2 equal notes to an octave is a relatively recent invention in the west. 300 years ago it was common for what would be now called a microtonal tuning to be in common, everyday use. As best as can be determined the push for 12 equal was all about changing keys in a single piece of music. If you take the tuning of the middle ages, Pythagorean, you find you can't play in any key despite having 12 notes because the intervals between the notes are not equally spaced. As a result when you take a pure chord and move it up or down the octave with the same distance between the notes it could become something hideous. 12 Equal solves that problem at the expense of detuning all notes, some more than others.

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vaisvil said

Hi Ricard, thanks for the listen and comment. It is probably hard not to hear 14 edo as out of tune since it so close to 12 but not quite there. I think then your sense of it being flattened and less bright is the result of the tuning.

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richardlaceves said

interesting piece, all the notes/sounds seems a bit flattened out (ie less bright, is that a result of the tuning?