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Down Tempo

by vaisvil


A Person is Like a Clock (w/ Norm)

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a person is like a clock
when the hands don’t move anymore
and it doesn’t tick-tock anymore
then you are dead
but the clock is just broken

Sonar X1 recording + mastering
Norm Harris percussion track “Cabinets” See link for details.
Ibenez 5 string bass on autofilter
stratocastor copy tuned to low B
indiana guitars electric mandolin
Fender acoustic 12 string
Fender Mustang
Roland GR-20 Saxophone

Latest Comments

Noswonky's avatar
Noswonky said

I'm like a clock.

Guest said

Cool sounds! Great crunchy percussion and ingenius clocky sounds. "Clocky"...yeah, I know what I mean! Ooh, sax!

Guest said

Ah this sounds great. I like the percussion too, sounds like a room of different clocks. Sax is it? Nice!

Reefwalker's avatar
Reefwalker said

diggin the bass and the poem. sax is really good too

thetworegs's avatar
thetworegs said

Great growling bass, excellent percussion love that vocal, the sax too, wow! all round good as Norm says "Now this works"