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Down Tempo

by vaisvil


Rumble to Market

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I have a story to tell. Debbie and I went to a Guitar Center across town looking for a cheap used bass for me to convert to fretless like I did my Squire Strat. Well…. I ran into a really nice used Ibanez 5 string bass - with a B below E. Oh man…. I decided I could convert my Washburn to a fretless and took this baby home. So I hope Norm doesn’t mind I played along with my new bass and added some GR-20 Sax to his great improvisation.

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Movement To Contact said

The mix is tight and sweet as well...

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Movement To Contact said

Gotta love the Guitar center used section....the only trouble is i have to travel about 145 miles to get to one...

Guest said

This is awesome! The bass and the sax are kickin ass!

Guest said

Brilliant ideas and a very enjoyable saxophone

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kirklynch said


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thetworegs said

Excellent stuff loving it jazzy makes me feel like getting pen to paper

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richardlaceves said

Friday eve and the going is good,,,,a well told story....great listen! and the photo is cool toooooo.......