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Are You Done?

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Well, I’m almost on a roll now - this little love song was written, arranged, and recorded in just a week. I’ve been meaning to attempt something like this for years, just never got round to it.

I’d actually settled down to finally record a piano song I wrote last year… but that’ll have to wait because the new(ish) Les Paul had different ideas…

I used her exclusively on the last one, Dancing Girl, but I hadn’t really let her play like she wanted to. I was just warming up the machines and wondering how to do a click for this piano ballad, and then Lucy the Les Paul decided to let rip…

It was obviously a Gibbons/Hill/Beard sort of thing, so I dug out some shuffling type rhythms and the innuendo dictionary…

Are You Done? - A A J Russe

Well I’m all dressed up and polished
We got the moon that shines so bright
When I asked if you should care to come
You said, honey, I just might
So I’m waiting here
In my fighting gear

Are you done?
Honey don’t be long
No, not too long
Until you’re really done

So I wandered down to your harbour
To get a feel of the fishing-net
Put your money where my mouth is
I ain’t known it to fail us yet
So I’m waiting here
Is you ready dear?

Are you done?
Honey don’t be long
No, not too long
Until you’re really done

Well girl you got some moves on you
Honey, you got skills
But you take so long to get it on
Your make-up and all the frills
So I’m waiting here
Got my wheels in gear

Are you done?
Honey don’t be long
No, not too long
Until you’re really done

Copyright (C) 2015 A A J Russe. All Rights Reserved.

sammymann123's avatar
sammymann123 said

Really really good. I thank you.

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doktordoktor said

Love it. Well played and very ZZ. Keep on rocking!

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Sister Savage said


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John Robson said

Now this is my kind of rock n roll! You have the whole package... guitar playing, vocals to die for & superb production. If you were playing anywhere near me, I'd be there like a shot! Thanks for the kind comments on my stuff too, mate. As you asked... all my guitar tones are from a VOX Tonelab amp modeller, which I record dry & add reverb/delay in the final mix.

Ed Layne's avatar
Ed Layne said

This song rocks!

Luop Garou's avatar
Luop Garou said

Nice vocals! Somewhere between Van Halen and Sammy Hagar.

JR James's avatar
JR James said

Okay....yes I just read that you had resurrected "Lucy" from snuggly guitar case. Nice:)

JR James's avatar
JR James said

Rockin tune. Yes, I agree..has a ZZ vibe for sure. Sounds like a Les Paul standard????

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Billy Jack said

I hear the Rev Billy Gibbons

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stoman said

Very well done!

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thetworegs said

Thanks Andy I appreciate you'd ears

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kavin. said

Badass, yeah.

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Paul Lennon said

Rock & Roll!!

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oldfolks2 said

Now that's real tasty

Jason Earls's avatar
Jason Earls said

wow, pro in all areas.

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Paul Lisney said

Nice production on this - powerful guitar sound. You sound American, not English! I've lived in the USA for 40 years and still sound English! Paul

strummindude's avatar
strummindude said

Sweet, free swinging guitar sounds. Enviable production. Maybe not single material but still captivating enough!

Andrew Russe's avatar
Andrew Russe said

Just realised that I didn't make it obvious in the blurb... I was actually doing my utmost to sound like early ZZ Top once I'd realised what was happening. The vox and instrumental got performed and recorded with that in mind. So I'm kinda relieved/gratified that folks can spot the ZZ Top in there!!

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stoman said

Groooovy! :) I do hear some ZZ Top there, too!

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Colleen Dillon said

Not done yet..... Really like this tune... awesome energy!

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Justin Otter Guy said

Southern fried boogie, a la ZZ Top. Delicious! Rock on!

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slkrell said

Ah there it is.I was not logged in. Faved and My kind "o Boogie

Guest said

Ohhh yah, my kind of Booogie. Wonder why I cant Fav? no button

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Johnny Stone said

Excellent great job

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Colleen Dillon said


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joeldbrodsky18 said

real nice guitars sound yeah a little like gibbons etc...but who cares when it's this good

Guest said

Oops, looks like I'm making comments again without logging in Greg

Guest said

I just played your latest song for the little Mrs. Now you are a family attraction!

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Lady Jane said

It's all about the money/honey ;)

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FDR said


Guest said

Oh yeah!

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Greg Connor said

Oh, that's sweet! I love it!

Guest said

Now that's rock n roll!

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thetworegs said

That's six days and 22 hours longer than most of mine but then it does show yours are much classier love that guitar and the vocals as good as ever ... Great lyrics too