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Close your eyes. Drift. Yeah. That’s the idea.

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TheRoyalrey said

closed my eyes and drifted. idea worked out.

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childhoodsend said


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kavin. said

Niiiice. I had to listen thru headphones, which I don't normally do.

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dougsparling said

This is gorgeous - sorry I haven't had time to listen to your stuff earlier...

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Mrs. Nussbaum's Credit Card said


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ghostly said

D...r...i...f....t....i...n....g...... Reminds me of Brian Eno a bit. Except this doesn't go on for 35 minutes! Love it.

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Coeur Machant said

Man, this is nice.

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drakonis said

fun bubbly synth bed, and very nice flute melody soaring over this.

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Uncle said

Fluid. Peaceful. Well done!


This is really great. You never fail my ears. Each time you make a go of it, it sounds exactly like you in that Brilliant way.

Guest said

beautiful and romantic.i like this one too.e

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Mrs. Nussbaum's Credit Card said

you got me with this one. I like noise, I like quiet, I like alot of stuff inbetween. I dig how you guys jump about and its beginning to tick me off that I can't figure out how to "favorite" tag something.

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sanjosescottd said

Tastefully atmospheric. Nicely done.

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eshar said

I love this is very ethereal and totally enchanting.

Guest said

so nice.

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Richard Hardrick said

this is so relaxing... beautifull track

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glu said

I see a school of neon blue fish feeding on a reef. There goes a jelly fish. Nice work!

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J dY Stamp said

Wonderful music!