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another cultural landslide

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Guest said

I just got a post I shared 6 years ago. I’m listening to you now….. it still makes me weep. Still <3 you. Lynn Garrison-Illescas

Guest said

Really enjoyed it. I loved the modal/almost Celtic yet interpersed with jazzy chords. And the word themselves were beatiful. Using horns in the middle section was great, too. The personal story behind this song must be a moving one.

Guest said

good orchestration blend on this one

Guest said

“ I’ll be whole again…”

absolutely inspirational. gives me hope. so beautifully written and performed. so glad you found each other, love each other, help to heal each other.

Linda Zinsmeister Mitchell

Guest said

I’m sitting here crying… Knowing the vocalist and songwriter’s story makes it all the more meaningful. What a phenomenally inspirational and beautiful song of love and spirit. How I envy both your artistic abilities and the love you share…always. L

Guest said

Wendy, this is gorgeous!

vaisvil's avatar
vaisvil said

beautiful - just right!

Guest said

Lovely song, very nicely wrapped in velvet.

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kirklynch said

How did I miss this one? Just beautiful!

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Lena & Irina Panfilova said

Beautiful harmony,wonderful voice,this one is incredible.

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kavin. said

Wifey says this sounds like Bette Midler. I say naw, better. The horn section is genius too.

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Jay Durfey said

Wow! Awesome vox on this! Just….Wow! Very nice subtleties in the backing music. great job!!

Guest said

Damn. I want to make a movie just to put this song in it.

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