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kirklynch said

Still one of the best tracks on Alonetone!

Guest said

Bumped. If you’re new around here check this out.

Guest said

I like it too

Guest said

A way to dig a groove in such a heart full of rhythm.

Norm said

I just heard the Ramen #3 version of this and it totally blew me away!

Furthermore, I sickenly realized that I have posted a piece by the same name, a long time after you posted this one. I apologize for this and have changed the name of my posting (but a similar story to yours… first recording in a new house!!)

Strong work team. I’m a big fan!

Guest said

Comments aren’t working on this for me. :(
Trying again - this is awesome.

thetworegs said

After having had a proper listen, while sorting the washing this is Excellent.

thetworegs said

like the groove…….

mmi said

bummer I missed this till now… awesome groove

Djörk said

this is really cool! As a beginning music-maker I am really impressed by how you kept that bass line groove fresh and interesting for the full 12 minutes. It was really great all the way through! The clapping, snapping, stomping rhythm breakdown at around 3 or 4 minutes was really cool, too :)

kirklynch said

Giving this one a bump so the newer folks around here get a chance to hear this awesome track

Endicott Road said

Love the way this song builds in the beginning. How long did it take to build that rhythmic section in the middle? I wouldn’t be done with it yet. This is the kind of song that one can get lost in. Well done.

richardlaceves said

wow,, just saw this on a comment,, ive never heard this,, where has acl been hiding this cool stuff? guess ill have to go looking through the back repertory,,i like the way this builds various instrumental leads over what is basically a simple pattern (that’s ment as a complement,, that’s what most of my stuff is about, or tries to be,,yours is really great)… very nice warm sounding clarinet? im not sure….. very well done,, ill have to go spend some time in your library

brando said

I had forgotten how AWESOME this song is.

vaisvil said

another great track!

Norm said

Excellent idea to incorporate river dancers! Percussion at it’s finest - the dance becoming the song.

Guest said

another good one

Silent Movie Type said

such an amazing track, awesome man

These Metal Days said

I like this. Very well produced saxophone. Graudually developing and altering hook.

The Checkers Speech said

Wow I love this song … It almost rivals Fred & Ethyl Go Bowling in my esteem!

thechairs said


glu said

just in case you both are clueless.. this is my favorite ACL tune to date. :-)

glu said

better be working on that EP!!! ;-)

Guest said


Guest said

I absolutely love this, especially the wonderful interlude of clapping and tapping. 12 minutes is nothing, it speeds by too quickly!

another cultural landslide said

NO! We used those river dance people…

glu said

were you guys tap dancing in the studio or what? It’s so tightly woven into the continuous bass and rhythm tracks. And then it follows with all the layered strings… yeah, this one for sure. ;)

Guest said

I need this after the shock of “Little Star”

Guest said

Lead me to a darkened room, this is absolutely wonderful.

Floppy Jalopy said

Like this one. Who plays the strings?

glu said

you guys amaze me with your RPM. I’m seriously blown away by this entire album. Each track stands out on its own so well… tapping into different emotions… flirting with different styles… it’s an amazing piece and it makes me proud to be a part of alonetone. cheers to Kirk and Wendy… I raise my glass high!


Wow, this one is EPIC!!! Beautiful journey…It goes well driving down highway 1 the ocean to one side, green hills to the other…sweet

poiesis said

that was me, who said that. I thought I was logged in ^_^

really, though, I hear a lot of highly personally compatible grooves in this track.

Guest said

wow, we should hang out. !!

glu said

i’m promoting this track…it flows so well. really, you guys pulled it off! you should be proud!

Galileo's Cough Drop said

Extremely tasteful layers on top of the perfect groove. Love it!

glu said

love the bass… love the claps, taps…wow.. I am really impressed with this album so far. this stuff inspires! so fluid… and not the least bit banal for a 12 minute track… it’s constantly moving. you guys pulled it off.. the violins at 05:30 are so awesome. I hear a bit of dissonance in there too. Shit, I might as well be reviewing your album with these lengthy comment chapters. good stuff… You guys really made something special.

brando said

Eclectic, provocative, cool, new, beautiful; a wonderful list. Love the rhythms in this one.

Rob and Laura said


KMA said

nice feel! I love the “airiness”

kirklynch said

Oh Yeah- I’m loving this. I’m a sucker for a great bass line anyway. Wonderful groove

Guest said

You can’t go wrong with clapping and stomping… that’s a fact!

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