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"that" conversation (demo)

another cultural landslide

Demo #3.

We’ve all been there - so we all know this conversation VERY well.

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another cultural landslide said

Thank you do much Richard for your kind words! w;)

richardlaceves said

how soulful, how rich,, how beautiful,, original, brilliant,,fun, yes yes to all!!,,anddd you calll these demos? oh my goodness

another cultural landslide said

Wow Keith! We are truly humbled by your kind words. Heartfelt thank you. w;)

Keith Landry said

Faved instantly. Y'all are the most original, unfettered, and uninhibited artists I know. Truly brilliant track.

Seriously floored by this one. I need to do exactly as Gary says.

another cultural landslide said

WOW Gary! Thank you so much for your kind words. We are truly humbled. Especially coming from a man we have so much respect for. Heartfelt thanks, w;-)

Gary Fox said

acl is possibly the most inventive and fun listen out there. Put their entire track list on play and just sit back and enjoy. You will not be disappointed.

Jean-Luc Thomas said

Im confused, but its a good sounding song.

another cultural landslide said

Thanks for your kind words, Kavin: and this album is STILL in the works; it’s just been one hell of a year, and now it has to wait for RPM to finish… sheesh… k&w

Breaking Light said

These are pretty dang good for demos. What became of this project? Wendy’s voice is so soulful!

igor said

Must apologize that was not listened you attentively, before now. Wow! ~And I do not know why~

Jane Gould said

I like, this is really soothing

Guest said

nice track to make out to lol
like it

Endicott Road said

Love the layering of the vocal tracks on this. Much better than I could ever do.

Endicott Road said

I just listened to your demos, and I think they sound fine as they are. The dance music didn’t make me head for the fallout shelter, and this song is actually very nice. I don’t think you did a bad job on them at all.

Cave Street said

love the vocal mix!!

beatnikturtle said

The vocals…is that both of you I hear??! Sweet. You two sound terrific.

Oh My Goodness said

this is like a cool glass of water!

Guest said

great arrangement of vocals and clear bright acoustics. Great sound!

sixmilewide said

Real nice acoustic track.

Johnny Stone said

Nice one peoples great track very cool.

Guest said

(This is really lovely.)

Guest said

Ah, this is lovely. Great anthemic vocals, lovely song, performed beautifully.

Guest said

Moody and magnificent, wonderful harmonies.

Sudara said

Enjoyed this very much guys.

igor said

…I don’t know why. I like it, really.

Guest said

Great mix.

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