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She Hangs a Little Garden

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She hangs a little garden
so everyone can fit in her yard
when it’s time to take tea
fills it up when they’re walking about
they really knew how to twist and shout
and they’re always going back that way again

rents a flat with his sister laurie
I never heard that story
he always seemed like the kind to be alone
oh and with his mother too
I don’t wanna be any substitute
and they’re always going back that way again

the grapefruit pageant and the orangine rhymes
she always did skip to number nine
she’s the bird with the word and black pearls
where her eyes used to be
she’s the number to use on a number two line
mister simon mews won the election just fine

she hangs a little garden
on the side of a tree
mends his shoes in the autumn
gathers piles of leaves
ran with the adventurous sort
and she kept us so worried when she wound up in court
and they’re always going back that way again

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Cave Street said

This one rewards repeated listening... (I especially love the instrumental break before the last verse). I'd like to put this tune on our community radio station, if you don't mind. (WUTZ radio, 88.3 in Summertown, TN) ~ Let me know if that's okay.

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Brett Warren said

thanks, SG.

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Sandy Gritt said

great song. catchy, quirky and tons of fun.

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Andrew Russe said

Love this one. Brilliant lyrics, and a gorgeous quirky performance. I like how you fly by the seat of your pants on songs - you seem to be treading a thin line between genius and disaster. For my money you're falling off on the genius side with this one. I always aim at solid and dependable - I've got a feeling I could learn something from your songs.

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The Old Grey Wolf Ltd Co said


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oldrottenhead said

fabulous twisted and beautiful.

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Cave Street said

This is a solid little tune, catchy as can be with several unexpected twists. Would love to be able to read along with all of the lyrics - please post 'em!

Guest said

You are such a versatile artist. I never know what to expect. I love the sudden high notes in the vocal and the whistle - cool! Merry Christmas.

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igor said

She puts her little garden, Stares down How plants grow, And she never, you hear? Never looked up, There where the trees, Pat the edge of the sky.

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stoman said

You know your craft for sure. Really fun listening to - I love the retro vibe of your songs. Regards, Steffen

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Brett Warren said

Thanks again, tworegs. I really didn't care for this song all that much at first, but I guess there's something to it. I'll have to go back and listen to everything with a fresh ear once I'm finished.

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thetworegs said

Love it .......a beautiful Beatley flavour running though

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Brett Warren said

Thanks, Gary!

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Gary Fox said

Great track, Brett.

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Mike Mclaren said

Catchy! I really like the lyrics.

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Brett Warren said

Thanks very much, lgh. Always nice to have some feedback from fellow Illinoisans.

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lgh said

Very nice song and I love your production.... A tad Beatle-ish.... LG

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Brett Warren said

Thank you, Corbin!

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corbinSound said