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Supper's Ready (Hey, Babe)

Brett Warren

A Post-Punk-y/New Wave-y Genesis cover I’ve wanted to do for some time. Lover’s Leap… in fabulous mono.

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stoman said

Straight from the late 60s. :)

KCsGroove said

pretty cool version of this Genesis classic :-)
enjoyed it!

Guest said

Brian eno esque

Brett Warren said

thanks, Gary and doktor!

doktordoktor said

Unique and cool. SAHB comes to mind. Nice one Brett!

Andrew Russe said

Love it.

Brett Warren said

Thanks, ODH, Proods and Vaisvil

vaisvil said

excellently bizarre!

The Proods said

Great innovation….different and clever! Sounds like a lot of work went into this.

oldrottenhead said

very brave but very wonderful, like a long lost early “"split enz” take on it.

i had a go at same song years ago http://songcrafters.org/forum/index.php?topic=2952.msg27047#msg27047 oh dear……………

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