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A track that I had chalked up as a “throw-away” until a PAL convinced me otherwise. I believe this is an alonetone debut for this one.

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Dave Berry said

Real nice atmospheric feel here. Smooth and deep. Def not a throwaway. PS. I put up the lyrics to my "Cricket Song" for your viewing pleasure. Thanks.

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Johnny Stone said

You did a great job with it mate, not an easy one to sing. Hope we can do some more soon. Cheers. Johnny.

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Sandy Gritt said

Love this. I'm glad you didn't throw it's a great song.

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Cave Street said

@Terrapin - I do like to double (or more)the vocal tracks... On this track it's an acoustic guitar, an electric through a line6 swell effect, and an old yamaha analog keyboard....

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Terrapin said

i like the double tracked vocals, i use the same trick a lot. how much of your instrumentation is synthesized?

Guest said

haha yeah, i know...i love puppies too. But the reason i chosed this title it's because it is music seen by the eyes of a cat. I love dogs, but cats doesn't...So this band find so funny to make "cat music" thanks for the comment

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Johnny Stone said

Beautiful mate really nice.

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Wildgeas Music said

So passionate and meaningful. Hit after Hit of solid gold tunes.

Guest said

I was just listening to some of your unpublished tunes and came across this one. I'm glad you uploaded it. PAL

Guest said

I love the way the intro drifts in like the sea, and then your smooth vocals kiss our ears (like the ocean kissing our toes...but perhaps I've just taken the analogy too far...)

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