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Numbers On A Page

Endicott Road

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Another angry song. My boss once handed me a spreadsheet about cost prices from vendors and said “I don’t like the way this looks”. I wondered if the upper management looked at salary costs the same way, and that led to this song.

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c}{imps 8 my ears said

opening beat, you think it cant get better..but it does..damn..with lyrics rapp too?

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another cultural landslide said

ER FUNK! I love it! w;-)

Guest said

To corporate America we're all just numbers on a page, but without all the numbers they'd be a blank page that's not worth shit. Sing it brutha. Sing it.

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shortbusmusic said

Great song. Should be an anthem for anyone stuck in the middle of corporate America. It's why I retired and became a bum :)

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Wildgeas Music said

I didn't know you were in the Health care industry :D

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Sandy Gritt said

Cool groove!

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Farfetched Tangmo Band said

Funky. Much enjoyed.

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rob mills said

Love your lyric writing, ER. Very engaging vocals too. Excellent RPM album.

Guest said

Great funky guitar, fella! I hope you found this rpm therapeutic. :-)

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Colin Garvey said

Love that funky guitar!

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