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This one came solely as the chorus melody and the basic hook “So I’ll sing my song for Carolina” It’s all I had for months, but I thought it was a good chorus line so I kept humming it to see if it would sprout further ideas. The mid section is something like the 3rd or 4th variation of ideas, but fit the best. I also used some new methods of miking acoustic gtrs with this which helped to drive the tone of the song.

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Andrew Russe said

After hearing Jarrettt Osborn's take on this one, I had to come back and go again. Yep, I was reduced to "Wow" on this Last time I listent to it too! I like the stripped back version, but I also love all the carefully placed arrangement on this. And the song... shivers down the back... And I can perfectly visualise how you constructed it... having this chorus melody and one hook, just KNOWING it needed a song round it. I love how this version gives me that hook and melody, and the beautifully constructed finished song and arrangement around it ... and then Jarrett's version digs the raw song performance out of it - that possibly you didn't even know existed? (I don't know how you write/record) - and goes "here you go, this is the song I could hear and loved"

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Andrew Russe said

Run out of words to type... Wow

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Sister Savage said

*flame in the air*

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KCsGroove said

That chorus is infectious :-) very cool song! Enjoyed! KC