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Don't Do Me No Favors

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Don’t tell me how it is, I’m good, I got it, I got it. But are we blind, and are there cracks in a facade? The riff was what came first, probably while watching the idiot box one evening. I am pretty sure it came very soon after RPM ’15, and I immediately thought “I have something for next year.” I have no idea where the chorus came from, it just kind of happened.

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Scott Horwath said

nice high pleasing-timbre vocals - like "the knack" - " or more so like the Fixx"

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strummindude said

Like a fine wine, you've matured well over the years, my friend. Nice, juicy, mellowed out sounds with good intensity, an edge of spicyness and a long aftertaste.

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Keith Landry said

Oh hell yes.

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Keith Landry said

Man, we need to find a way to stop time. I suspect a month outside of reality would yield some pretty amazing music if we got all of our musical cronies together in a studio house in the mountains.

Guest said

Wow, Sooo cool that David Nebbia said to check you out!!! So good I got to check out this band!!!

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doktordoktor said

Nice rhythm and arrangement. Great!

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Andrew Russe said

This album is grabbing me :-)

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Keith Landry said

Hell YEAH!

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Johnny Stone said

Oh yeh very cool

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another cultural landslide said

Great tune, Gary!!!