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What You Believe In

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A brief glimpse, but that’s all. Inspired by last April. It’s for everyone, but no one in particular. Yes, this one gives more than a passing nod to Ham and Evans. Thanks gents!

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Keith Landry said

I was wrong before. THIS is the best of the best.

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Endicott Road said

Just stopped by for a listen. I agree with the lyrics on this. Seems to me, based on what I've heard, that the good Lord takes us all as we are. At least I hope he does. Regards. ER

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A Bit More Better Productions said

the keys are lush in this butty, and the chorus melody is a delight.. love those songs that make you gag for the chorus like a scaghead for smack. solos a real treat too. triumph

Guest said

Great song, singing and GUITAR!

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Keith Landry said

Just by to listen to the awesomeness again... I actually had the crazy idea of trying to cover this song with just a stripped down arrangement on the acoustic, but when I mentioned it to my guitar it angrily asked if I was "friggin' nuts" and went off to gripe in the corner of the room, mumbling something about my inadequacies as a musician and foolishness to try to mess with perfection. We aren't speaking now. I'll try to re-establish contact with the six-string's representation by offering to play some James Taylor on it later, but after hearing this track I don't think it'll be interested in my version of "mediocre guitar playing" (I quoted the guitar on that one) any time soon.

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Andrew Russe said

This is a stunner. Had to come back and listen twice. So well put together... unbelievably good listening.

Guest said

Love that refrain!

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another cultural landslide said

Faith you can't see it...THAT is what we all should be living by. Wonderful track GF. w;-)

Guest said need a good band behind you. and you should play some shows. these songs are real...................

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Dave Berry said

Great song, great guitar solo, great strat tone, its all good

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Keith Landry said

...And that guitar solo starting at 2:08 is about as ass-kicking as you will ever hear. If it doesn't put you in a good mood, find a bridge and jump off, for there truly is no hope for you any longer.

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Keith Landry said

...And this one is absurdly good.

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Dirty Spirits said

superb lead!