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Originally conceived as a mellow-ish, Stephen Stills sounding number (at least the verses), then the chorus came to me out of nowhere and turned the whole song on it’s ear. I think that was for the better. I have to admit that I surprised myself with the catchy nature of the chorus. Total Savages tend to love this song. ;)

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Sister Savage said

Little return to an old fave before I dive in to RPM albums! (Still a fave!)

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Keith Landry said

Oh, there's the love.

Guest said

WHERE is your RPM album, hmm?

Guest said

Yep, still feels good all ovah.

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Endicott Road said

Just stopped by for a fix of good rock and roll. I must say, based on your description, that perhaps you should let things get away from you more often. ;-/ ER

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Endicott Road said

This also ranks high on my list. Well done, sir. ER

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Andrew Russe said

Monster stuff. It rocks, it's melodic, big in-the-face scrunchy guitar, love those vocals. And the bass at 3.10 or so! Then the build up to 4.35 and the guitar and last chorus... Those top harmonies at the end. Big grin on the face time... A masterpiece.

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Dave Berry said

Thats what I call songwriting man, deadly

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thetworegs said

Love it!!!

Guest said

Fantastic song. :-) How did you get this raw voice: whiskey, some other drink, or sandpaper?

Guest said

You are the best kept secret on the web!! and it's free great music!!!. Sony needs to sign you to a contract!!

Guest said

Gary suggested it, so it must be okay. CLASSIC ROCK TRACK!

Guest said

Gary! Gary! Gary! Gary! Over here, GARY!!

Guest said

Have spent a very pleasant morning being "rocked" by you, Gary, I must say your harmonies are very tight, thank you.

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Gilbert Neilson said

Great job and great sound. I like the Live sound you get on the softer parts.

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Gumbo said

Fun-key!! It suddenly becomes The Who!! Wicked!

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Endicott Road said

I have always liked this song. Good work, amigo. ER

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The Culprits said

Brilliant! Great song, great vocal. Matt

Guest said

One of my favourite RPM songs from last year! Downloaded. Faved. Big time. (Still makes me feel good all over.)