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Summer Grass

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Summer Grass- I didn’t originally intend for this to be the title track, but since most, though not all, of the songs on this album sound like summer to me, I decided, why not? The guitar even sounds humid and warm, but in that nice July way. The church organ was meant to give the song this depth, and I really like the way it turned out, with the drenching reverb for extra measure. So what’s the deal with the lyrics? Have you ever had one of those moments with someone when everything was perfect, even if only for a few minutes? And did you ever have those creeping doubts start gnawing at the edges of your perfection, to the point where you worried so much about them ruining your moment that you ruined your moment? And then you realized it and tried to get it back? Well, don’t over think things next time, savor the moment for what it is, and don’t worry about endings…and here’s a song for you.

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Greg Connor said

Beautiful song Gary!

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Matt Ferrara said

Never heard this one before. Shame on me. Glad I have now. Great song, love the acoustic guitar. Gonna hit that heart and favorite this for revisits.

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Keith Landry said

...And one of these days you're going to make an all acoustic album. Or else.

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Keith Landry said

This is one of the first of your songs I ever heard. Instant fan. Been stalking you ever since.

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stoman said

I don't know if it sounds like Summer, but it sure sounds like good song to me.

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Jane Gould said

great guitar playing nice vocals

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Dave Berry said

Yes this is nice, very nice. I frigging love this song.

Guest said

.....It's just GREAT!

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richardlaceves said

Mr. Fox,,, your magic is powerful,, this piece captures/pulls me into a world of my own memories, feelings,, thoughts,,, hopes,,, dreams,,,,rememberences (think i just made this word up) this music is like a liquid impressionest painting,,, a place to get lost, and perhaps if lucky found again thank you very much Richard

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Endicott Road said

This is probably the most tender song I've heard from you. I have felt the same way about a woman, and prayed that moment would never pass even though I knew it would. Nicely done. ER

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Dave Berry said

Very sweet song. I like that sorta stutter to the rhythm. great vocals.

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The Jet-Black Project said

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

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Black Pepper Sea said

Superlative stuff as usual, Gary. And of course your recording skills continue to amaze me!

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SonicLuke said

Mr. Fox I really loved this song.

Guest said

This is so good!

Guest said

This is gorgeous, Gary.

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dAb said

Calls to mind 'Blue Nile' for some reason. Beautiful song! :)

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Minibar Madness said

I just love this, good call with the faint organ

Guest said

Well done.

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Jay Durfey said

Fantastic Gary!

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A Bit More Better Productions said

especially love the vocals on this one. Apart from the fact that its a brilliantly written song. excellent

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another cultural landslide said

Gary - this is a beauty! w;-)

Guest said

This is SO GREAT!!!! See, the wait for the Fox fans was worth it! Amazing songs this year man! Well done!!

Guest said

Gorgeous - sublime song-writing. Maybe would work as a duet also? Excellent...