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This Lovin' Cup

Gary Fox

This Lovin’ Cup- I was watching the idiot box and just holding my guitar when this little vamp on a B chord came out of nowhere. Using the same recorder, I recorded about 20 seconds of the riff. The lyrical idea came on the trip to Chicago, while in the shower of course. The stupid solo parts came from a night of bashing away on my guitar. The lyrics are nothing special at first glance, but they do mean something. The verses talk about dropping your cares cuz I’m such a rockstar and I am here to make you happy for a while (thanks Mick), but then the chorus reminds you that this good time will end too. It then reminds you to forget about that too and shake it a little. I intend this song to be a good live tune, intended to get you out of your seats and dance a little (or a lot). Does that mean I plan on returning to regular live gigs, full band and all? Maybe, maybe not.

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