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Making Sense


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a new song finally came out of my head …..

Here’s the lyrics:

Numbers spinning ‘round my head
like bees around a hive
if I try to divide them
they only multiply
even if I round them up
or try to find their root

colors swirling ‘round my head
like leaves an autumn day
I try to catch the picture
before it turns to shades of grey
I even close my eyes
to get the glimpse of what is far too bright

far too high
far too bright
all too strong
nothing’s wrong

scents are passing with the wind
they’re hard to separate
I turn to find their sources
but I’m always far too late
even if I climb a tree
or lay flat down on the ground

Sounds are rushing through my mind
I try to tie them down
I hope to organise them
in a pattern I have found
I wrap around a chord
and beat it, hoping I will hear more

Words like a landslide
when I try to sleep
letters forming patterns
of someone I’d like to meet
the mind follows the words
sometimes quite absurd
the words like noodle soup
sometimes I just have to let them go

A taste of salty water
from a summer skin
a bittersweet sensation
of a stiff upper lip
and when I drink your wine
my tongue curls up and poke my mind

butterflies and apple-pies
and seaweed on a rock
50000 pages,
the story of a king
even if it don’t make sense
I got to get through it in the end

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Andrew Russe said

And another one! Fantastic. "Far too high, far too bright.." Love it... This is definitely the last one I'm listening to... I'll catch up some more later... I'm off to the broom-cupboard now.

thetworegs's avatar
thetworegs said

loved it some great lyrics......

launched's avatar
launched said

The best, bro!!!

Guest said

I do enjoy your voice Geir and it's lovely to hear a new one from you. Great delivery!

Trevor Lewis's avatar
Trevor Lewis said

Great singing! Very sharp recording! A model production!

Greg Connor's avatar
Greg Connor said

Nice bouncy beat with clear vocals. It's a winner!

thetworegs's avatar
thetworegs said

Made sense to me......

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