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Roll Those Dice


Final Version

If in doubt write more songs

with Kazoo solo! and heckling!
this is as close as i got to some hokum jug band

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thetworegs said

and another yipee!!! just what i need on need on new years eve now i feel real good cheers i’m going to get another drink

evilstreetcars said


A Bit More Better Productions said

man i love kazoo!

Movement To Contact said


stoman said

Great! :)

Sandy Gritt said

What a hoot! Love it!

Guest said

Classic Gumbo!

Dirty Spirits said

this has the quintessential “Gumbo” sound. love it.

Rob and Laura said

I feel like I’ve long been repeating myself concerning your songs: blah blah…great recreation…blah blah blah…recording is great…blah blah blah…I want to listen to this all the time…blah blah blah.


Gumbo said

LMAO - you’re right, reg!

I thought it was easy to play!

thetworegs said

Blue suede dice excellent

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