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Where I Was Grown v2


I’m finally happy with this track - v1 was too much of a nothing song and it’s been bugging me all the way to the last night of the challenge.
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World War Nine said

Some skiffleheads I know dig this real well.

Mike Mclaren said

I tell my students to keep things simple—couple o’ chords, not to many notes, and just tell a good story. That’s what makes a best songs. This fits that definition.

thetworegs said

Love this …is really over. A year ago now…..how time flows

thetworegs said

We need some more from you because what you do you do so well…i have everything on the i-pod doing there rounds….Thanks

corbinSound said


Sandy Gritt said

Love it from the first pluck. Your music is always so endearing. Love your vocal and everything about this.

Geir said

love it !

great happy feel to it !

A Bit More Better Productions said

s'far from nothing now chappy

stoman said

Finally happy … and you have a good reason to be! Good old times folk. :)

Sandy Gritt said

this is so good…catchy rustic goodness!

Guest said

I think you were blown there from N'orleans!
Cracking track!

thetworegs said

Great stuff even better second time around. A perfect guitar vocal mix…….

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