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Manic Depression (Cover)

JR James

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Having more fun with Hendrix. I tried to stay true to the original as far as using no overdubs. Just one guitar, bass, drum and vocal track. Kind of used a mix approach and used a bit from the record and a bit from his live performance in Winterland ’68. I also had fun with the bass and made it distorted similar to what I also heard from the live recording. The drums were a bit of a challenge to arrange but the Jamstix virtual drummer software I use gets her done. I used a Jazz waltz at 160bpm with the Carmine Appice drummer model banging away. If I keep going I think I will have the whole Are you experienced album…..stay tuned folks theres more on the way…ha ha ha!

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Fantastic ! Great cover version, tone, vocals and a nice honor to the man. Sweet!

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fallingupart said

My first thought, honestly, was, oh boy, someone's messing with Jimi again . . . then I pressed play. This one is done with reverence, my friends. Excellent cover. Dig.

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Mike Giles said

Bad ass cover, man.

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Andrew Russe said

Aw monstrously good, even better than I remember. If only I could fave it again!

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johnosullivan said


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Cool Cover!

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Tiggy Acworth said

Great cover...kinda know where he's coming from, though more recently manic depression has been re-labelled a bipolar bear syndrome!:-)Oh yes, there's a song in that, I just haven't recorded it...yet!

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Jason Earls said

wow, amazing cover! killer guitar tone...

Guest said

Yes. Captain Beyond was remnants of Iron Butterfly, Rod Evans original vocalist for Deep Purple(One of my favorite vocalists ever), and johnny Winter. You nailed it. Psychedelic Jazz Rock mostly. They're one of my all time faves. Check out live at montreaux on youtube with Captain Beyond. Thanks for stopping by Peace

Guest said

Sorry I think its actually the song Raging River of fear by Captain Beyond these riffs remind me of.

Guest said

Well done. Curious how royalties work when covering music for free? Do you have to pay anyone anything? Hendrix is awesome. Good cover. Out of Hendrix I have I don't know this song. The riffs remind me of Dancing madly Backwards by Captain beyond. Though almost without a doubt Hendrix did it first. Captain beyond was 1971 I think.

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Andrew Russe said

Still loving this one.

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Roger M. Harris said

Still remember hearing that LP in '67, blew my socks off & it still plays .........Good job

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Movement To Contact said

A+ buddy. Amazing work!

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kirklynch said

Nice! Hadn't thought of this tune for a long time. Great job!

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Nick P said

Oh yeah....very nice......

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Andrew Russe said

Aw, love it... It's one of my favourite JH songs... And this version does the biz. Stone Free please!

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FDR said

Nicely done Sir!

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Mike Grunert said

Nice, I never woulds have guessed the drums were programmed!

Guest said

You nailed it.

Guest said

Channeling Jimi,earns you aguinness. Nice mate.interesting drum track. Jazz Waltz at 160bpm? Works for me!

Guest said

..again, totally authentic feel and sounds from you - which isn't any wonder when one considers that an anagram of your name is: 'A Jimi Dream, Son'..

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thetworegs said

Got the Jimi Flare.....loving your playing.......great ocal too.....gts the .ooooh yeah!!

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