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Temptation Road (Dennis Coble)

Written by my friend Dennis Coble, this is probably one of my top favorite songs of all time. Sunshine Emery sang this and I played slide reso.

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crackitopen said

great song…need to listen again

Guest said

Just made my day-I wish u could b there every time I perform this live…I’ve only gotten better ( :

Guest said

Great slide! Great tune, well done!

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Dave Berry said

Ahhhhhh yeah…..beauty song

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Johnny Stone said

Nicely done Kavin. Brilliant.

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OHHO said

Oh this is nice! Love that twang!!

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thetworegs said

Listening to this again and i think Norm describes it well. its awesome

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Norm said

Awesome track!

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Rick Phillips said

Oooh, perfect sound, wonderful.

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vaisvil said

this is beautiful - I love the slide. Gosh I sound so amateurish compared to you guys (and Kirk, and Bethan, and Tess, and ….. I’m just wow’d .

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Endicott Road said

Like this very much. The lyrics are very good, as are the vocals. Nice guitar work, too.

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Dave Berry said

Now this iss just beauty. Really great song. I realy like the vocals. Reso sounds like heaven. Top track guys.

Guest said

I love it too - fabulous performances from everyone!

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kirklynch said

Sweet song! I can see why it’s a favorite of yours

Guest said

Good one.