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13-Anxiety (Eric's Tune)

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Been carrying this around since 1982, finally recorded it. Composed when we were expecting our first child, hence the anxiety.

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Dirty Spirits said

this play list has been a really nice find for me.

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c}{imps 8 my ears said

beaut! like how it winds up and calms down over and again. despite being very complex, almost jazzy, it is a seamless set.

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Billy Jack said

nice work

Guest said

Great tone and chops!! Sounds F'n amazing!!

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childhoodsend said

like dis one!

K. SCOT SPARKS   79+intercessions's avatar
K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

..travis picker, no less.. 'sweetly conceived, played, and recorded, man.

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Brian Bazeley said

I know the feeling. Lovely tune.

K. SCOT SPARKS   79+intercessions's avatar
K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

..yes indeed, man. :)

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Movement To Contact said

Go ahead and hop on the bus, brian did a good job with the bass, feel free to add some fiddle too if you want!

Guest said

Oh yes, very nice picking and I presume Eric is now all growed up if things went to plan. (Of course this is an opportunity for a massive faux pas)Cool tune or suite of tunes really, I like the changes in mood as it develops.Top notch.

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launched said

Brilliant playing. Beautiful!

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another cultural landslide said

EXCELLENT cut! Anxiety has a wonderful end doesn't it? w;-)

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Brian Bazeley said

My sort of music. Great.

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Wildgeas Music said

Your such an outstanding guitar player. Very Classy!

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Johnny Stone said

Beautiful mate dig it.

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richardlaceves said

beautiful playing,, this sounds to me like a lot of little riffs/ideas flowing together??

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Rick Phillips said

Gorgeous Kavin!

Guest said

This one is very sweet Kav. Illegal Alien Autopsy

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mmi said

Longest. Gestation. Ever.

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Mr Sandbags said

That was lovely.

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kirklynch said

That's a real beauty man!

Guest said

Love the switch at around 1.07! Great playing, as ever, K.!

Guest said

Great play'n and guitar tones.