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Thought I’d try an improv with two capos to get an open C tuning.

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Sea Tangle said


Guest said

So good! Great playing and feel!

Guest said

The capos liked in playing was really pleasant.

Richard Hardrick said

Hey bro, I can feel the dust on my face!! well done, and an amazing job with the second instrument talking… incredible :)

James Michael Taylor said

Sounds like a musical rocking chair….or porch swing…has me swaying in my seat.

Guest said

like your style man/your son eric as well…
very inviting guitar spins….‘Suspended sea’ is still my favorite.

c}{imps 8 my ears said

nice layers!

c}{imps 8 my ears said

oh slides!

c}{imps 8 my ears said

meaty tones, embodiment.

Guest said

There’s some pretty mean playing there, boy!

Movement To Contact said

Very cool kavin. Digging this one. If i only had your skills with the slide. ;)

vaisvil said

love it!

Wildgeas Music said


Johnny Stone said

Nice one mate top job cool sound.

Keith Landry said

Very nice, Kavin… Damn, such a great sound!

Guest said

Ooo, I like that sound. Playing’s not bad either.
Wow! that’s mind blowing.

Rick Phillips said

very cool tune and sound!

kavin. said

@jarvis & kirklynch - no notches, capo @ 3rd fret over the neck, then 2nd capo @ 5th fret under the neck on bottom 4 strings only, sort of an open Cmaj, standard tuning. The intro is an ebow, which I rarely use on acoustic. thanks yawl

Guest said


Guest said

Different…but why? Just curious,it’s a very nice and interesting sound tho’,almost got a violin saound going on as well!

kirklynch said

Very nice! Must be the idea of having notches cut in the 2nd capo so that some strings pass through?

mmi said

two capos? need pictures.
The track? Inspiring as always.

Guest said

wild tones.