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The Last Time I Loved You

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Sometimes love can be a hard bargain.

Thanks to Richard Hardrick for the inspiration.

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kavin. said

other times it can be a sweet deal

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jip said

Great string instrument playing.

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James Michael Taylor said

This really rings… Like it.All the energy and brightness and that little dip into darkness. And the cool guitar work at the end. j mt

Guest said

Oooo, this is nice! Astoundingly good!

Guest said

Great tones /Harmonics use/ Non standard progression/twin picking sound all appeal to these ears, Bloody lovely mate!

Guest said

cool track,nice blend of instruments….cheers Jarvo

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Richard Hardrick said

the solo… wow my friend… I told you, BUT THAT “CODA-SOLO” PART IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! How it mark a different point of view of the leit motive, but always keeping the feeling… JUST PERFECT. haha. can´t stop to say it :) saludos

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dougsparling said

Catching up on my alonetone listening. Gorgeous track, the right amount of everything.

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sanguine said


Guest said

Just realized you are also breakinglight. Thanks for sharing. Hope your holidays are going well.

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Gumbo said

it sounds effortless, Kavin., but there’s some lovely interplay going on in this. Very nice indeed.

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ShamPain said

awsome guitar work.

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Cave Street said

most excellent.

Guest said

This is a beautiful song. What did it sound like when you first loved this person?

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childhoodsend said

Beautiful and very pretty… This is inspirational… Another song coming on?

Guest said

Wow! Just so beautifull!

Guest said

That was me Kavin, beautifully played - again.

Guest said

Beautifully played.

Guest said


Guest said

Nice one , i like it.

Guest said

Very pleasing. Great work and great guitar playing!

Guest said

one of those songs that will last forever…

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another cultural landslide said

What a LOVELY, BRILLIANT track! Has to be one of my favorites from you :) w;-)

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Johnny Stone said

Beautiful man this is one great track.

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kirklynch said

Gorgeous track man! first rate stuff

Guest said

@MMI Haha, I thought that was deliberate and “clever”!

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mmi said

Boy, good thing I can spell.

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mmi said


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OHHO said

Quite beautiful!

Guest said

Beautiful! Lovely melodic phrases played with precision - love those breaks in the middle and towards the end! (Oh and what an intriguing and provocative title!)

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igor said

Sometimes? Love is a gift. And a hard bargain.