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a little jam with Norm’s “Cabinets” percussion track.

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underwood said

like it!

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Sandy Gritt said

sonically sweet...I dig it!

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CB Band (Cees Borger Band) said

Feels like I'm in some jungle with Tarzan

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vaisvil said

great track!

Guest said

Sort of more like a marmalade than a jam.......and I bet that does not make any sense over in the US of A cos' you do not have jam but jelly and do you even have marmalade at all ? What a way to norse up a comment......oh alright it's bloody good. Jarvoid

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Dave Berry said

Now this I like, I like very much, Great jam, sounds so very good.

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Wildgeas Music said

Nice bluesy chord progression. Norm adds the percussive funk. I Dig the bass line too.

Guest said

Great track guys. Norm, you are Mr.Percussion, and Kavin you made that sing!

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Johnny Stone said

Great job Kavin very cool.

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launched said

Very cool!

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Rick Phillips said

Love hearing another take on Norm's cabinets. They are filled with cool notes!

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Norm said

Thanks for loading my cabinets up with such tasty awesomeness!

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kirklynch said

Cool! I've had this Norm track sitting on my desktop for a month and have yet to come up with anything this groovy with it. Great jam man!

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kavin. said

Always a big compliment to get a smiley from Mac! :)

Guest said


Guest said

Haha, beat me to it...although...I wasn't planning to play awesome guitar on it. Groovy!

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Keith Landry said

Love it! I may need to start grabbing some of Norm's outstanding percussion tracks and lay down some guitar... Although it will never be as smooth as this one by Kavin!

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