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improv on National Resonator.

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Trevor Lewis said

Ooooo... this is nice!

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facemask93 said

Hey Kavin , you certainly are the guitar man , this rules

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The Dethkats said

Lovely playing

Guest said

awesome western feel to it...would be perfect in a movie.

Guest said

Grrreat slide there Kavin!

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Wildgeas Music said

Wow! National Resonator. How old is that guitar? It sounds sensational.

Guest said

Conjures up images of cowboys. I approve! :)

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vaisvil said

I heard this as I let the IF playlist roll doing other things - this is really great! I love the very classic slide sound you have here and the piece is very bluesy cool.

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thetworegs said

Got the mule loaded I'm on my way.......

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Johnny Stone said

Great playing mate very cool dig it.

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