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Jimi Jam

What happened after too much time on youtube watching live vids of “voodoo chile” Noisy obnoxious and very cathartic for me! Live to 2tracks with the Jamman

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slkrell said

Man I love this stuff, Guitar used ?

Paul Lennon said

Show off!

Tiggy Acworth said

Great guitar sounds, man!

Greg Connor said

Not what I expected, but definitely fun to listen to.

Benjamin Murphy said

I love your skill sets we enjoy the same feel. I noticed that you are listening to some of my Christmas stuff thank you I wish we could colab. it would be great.

jip said

very good - nice playing.

Movement To Contact said

:) ….yep….this jim is jammin today

Guest said

Fantastic! Wow!

Drop D said

why is it I always forget to log-in when I comment on your stuff? So…I’ll say it again…“Nice to see this side of your music, and hear you just RIP up, Kirk! Kick out the jams! ”

Guest said

Nice to see this side of your music, and hear you just RIP up, Kirk! Kick out the jams!

Vaughn Hamilton said

I’m a huge Hendrix person. This jam made my day! Awesome stuff!

Movement To Contact said

Man oh man…one of these days I really need to talk you into playing lead on one of my tracks ;) Damn I love this track

Movement To Contact said

Ha ha, yep…well you know Kirk…me and silence have issues when I get ahold of a guitar. Maybe I should have done an acoustic version?? Now I gotta get my Jimi Jam on to break the post lunch lag!

Jason Earls said

incredible licks and tone! i wish i could phrase like that!!

Movement To Contact said

I don’t know Kirk, you got a pretty damn good wah tone going on here yourself!Fav’d!! Dl’d!!!

Djörk said

holy crap, I think I just discovered a rare, unreleased Hendrix recording!

Alister Flint said

so wild!! catharsis is a bliss..

Johnny Stone said

Totally brilliant Kirk. It’s taken me a long time to catch up with your tunes mate, and I am glad I did this is great.

Guest said

Awesome playing, El Lynch!

Guest said

all great tunes

Guest said

this reminds me of the band of gypsies.

Guest said

This sounds like a killer tribute. I’m going to have to download this puppy when I get home.

Thanks for all of your encouragement Kirkie.

K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

thanks for thise guitfiddle tones, finger moves –and, for the comment on Revelation ‘74 Best, man! : )

K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

…nice groove/tones/lines -funkaliscious, man! By the way- I bet you dig Bowie’s ‘FAME’ [as do I], no?!

Thanks for taking the time to listen to my stuff and comment. Best -kss

donuts said

This is Fun, especially LouD. Next time someone says, “the elephant in the room”, I’m bound to think of it.

Wildgeas Music said

I’m back for more of this real cool jam. This time we’ll see what the neighbor’s think :)

Lalo Oceja said

I have this song in a family video that I made last week.. its so cool!

Wildgeas Music said

Son, “Please turn that sh*t down”
BUT DAD,“it’s Jimi Jam”

I gotta get me a wah wah pedal.
Superb Guitar work man, Superb.
Top of the line.

Wildgeas Music said

Please Sir, can I have some more.

Dana said

this is sweet.

J dY Stamp said

Excellent guitar performance! Rocky! Excellent track!

yelyah said

love the crunchy guitar and the funky beat

Lalo Oceja said

I really enjoy this one!

Guest said

OMG brilliant.

Lalo Oceja said

made me move!

another cultural landslide said

To quote Tower of Power - “YOU’VE GOT TO FUNKIFIZE”
Funk - my favorite!

another cultural landslide said


Guest said

Very cool! JH forever!

dj num izisoundsystem said

grooving riffs dude.. slick love the guitar.

kavin. said

I enjoyed these jams! Rock on Kirk!