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Mountain Stage Jigs


This is a live cut from an NPR radio broadcast back in 1988 while my Irish Trad group Scartaglen was on one of its first east coast tours. Found recently on a cassette tape. Musically this was one of my favorite periods in the history of the band as we had the manpower to pull off more complex arrangements of the tunes

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Guest said

Just got in the office doing some filing so any excuse to have a listen! Oh, by the way, Mum met an Irish guy in Wales and they started talking, anyway he knew that song I asked you about and sang it to her.I thought his proposal of marriage was a bit rash but …. hey! Cheers Bee

andrewdavis said

Very nice. Great flow

Djörk said

missed these somehow. great stuff!

sheky said

Fantastic. Could listen to this all day.

Jason Earls said

beautiful playing and overall sound, incredible arrangement!

Dirty Spirits said

such rich sounds. a pleasure to hear this.

The Old Grey Wolf Ltd Co said

Wow, great, I’ve heard stuff like this before but it’s usually by Irish folk, and it’s really cool, love it.

Guest said

Man this hits home. I love this. So awesome! Thanks for posting this!

Lalo Oceja said

so cool!!

Galileo's Cough Drop said

What a great way to start catching up on my listening backlog! Really enjoyed listening to this.

Farfetched Tangmo Band said

Hey, I even clapped at the end. Just couldn’t help myself. Wonderful suite. The minor keyed opening had me smiling with a tear in my eye. Hugely enjoyed this. Glad you scrounged it up. Sounds good and feels good.

vaisvil said

Hi Kirk, typically it is easiest to start talking about notes as numbers in the tuning. So say for instance a a fifth would be from note 1 (or 0) to note 12 (11). This page may help http://xenharmonic.wikispaces.com/19edo

Greg Connor said

I stopped back for a second listen. It’s even better this time.

You have a lot going on in the song, and it’s all going in the same direction.

You really know how to build a song!

Geir said

WOW … this is really wonderful !! Excellent performance and production!

vaisvil said

Wow NPR - how cool!! And the music is great!!

Movement To Contact said

ToOk three shots o whiskey with my wife to celebrate a great day. Jammed this track the whole time. Thanks. :)

kauaikta said

Loved it! Whew!

Guest said

Amazed both by the quality of the song and the quality of the cassette :-)

another cultural landslide said

Irish jigs…always my favorites!

Wildgeas Music said

What is a cassette tape? :)

Wildgeas Music said

Damn that gets my blood moving. real good.

dougsparling said

This so rocks! Must be from a few years before I met you.

Lisa D said

This is excellent … wow. What a great arrangement and fantastic, powerful playing. I love the entrance of different instruments along the way and the use of low, sustained drone notes. Most of all, though, I like the “soul” and liveliness of the piece. I would have loved to hear your group live!

Guest said

I may try and have a jamalong to this on my recently acquired Ackordeen…have a feeling I will get my fingers burned….or probably trapped ….Great stuff


Greg Connor said

Nice music, and I really like the way you started out .

Norm said


Guest said

Gone foot-tappin crazy here. See you for a ceilidh
in March!

Guest said

Lovely, fresh and frisky! Right up my lane!
Well played all!

Movement To Contact said

Thanks for sharing this one my friend. Great track.

epimeison said


kavin. said

Great stuff, I bet that was fun. About the time I started getting into the “new” Celtic stuff.

Guest said

Kirk This Lovely and Lively

Guest said

Ooh!!!! What a find! A wonderfully uplifting, breezy piece! Happy New Year, Sir FS.

(Interesting shades of Rocky Road To Dublin.)

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