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The People In The Window


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One from a year ago or so. Never was happy with the recording quality, but never got around to re recording it. My attempt at a kind of late 70’s Phil Keaggy thing

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Sister Savage said

I’m not going to comment on all of these - all my old comments still apply and it’s looking like I spam you. Have always treasured this collection. Just a sublime piece of invention. Kudos.

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Movement To Contact said

I enjoyed the recording on it. Gives it an old school feeling. Reminds me of recording quick tunes through the old cheap computer mics back in the day. Faved it.

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Gregg Pepitone said

Love the slide, great guitar narative!

Guest said


Guest said

Love this one. You really do make the guitar sing. On my favorites for sure. You have soul....and btw nice pic of you hugging your guitar. That says it all. That kind of emotion is HEARD in ur tracks. :)

Guest said

I like this one a lot. Very nice feel to it.

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Dana said

m, i like ur stuff.

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TheRoyalrey said

this is brilliant. did you use an e-bow to make the guitar attack so soft?

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childhoodsend said

you must be my alter-ego (whatever that means)

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istlota said

Your music is so emotional. Excellent work.

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J dY Stamp said

!!!! so NICE !!!

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Coeur Machant said

Heh, love the volume swells.

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dougsparling said

Sweet one there, Kirk...definitely hear some Master and the Musician in this track.

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another cultural landslide said

This is just plain beautiful!

Guest said

Very slick.

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