Nick P

Nick P

from Toronto

About "Heal Me, Love Me "

Psychological consequences of war…..written and performed by Nick Plagakis…..Lyrics:

Sixty seven shots ringing

Across the desert, heads are spinning
Bang, Bang Bang; is all I hear
Bang, Bang, Bang; it’s breaking my ears

When I’m glum, I see your face
When I’m stuck, you give me space
When I’m livid, you douse the flame
When I’m timid, you lift the shame

Don’t you know what you mean to me
Don’t you know you’re everything to me
Heal Me, Love Me,
Heal Me, Love me, Heal me

Right now, Give it to me, Let me feel it

Under the stars, under the sun,
Under the moon, and under the gun

Bang, bang, bang is all I hear
Bang, bang, bang it’s breaking my ears
Down on the ground
Up in the sky, down is up, and up is down
Hold me close, hold me tight
You’re my hope in this bloody fight


I don’t know
What will be
All I know
Is what I feel inside of me
Heal me, Love me, Heal me


Along the line, along the core
I go running, running for more
I see the flies, I see the hate
I see the cries, and I see my fate

Turn around, look down, hear the sound, hit the ground


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