Nick P

Nick P

from Toronto

About "Howl at the Moon"

This acoustic song is a drunk nihilistic escapade with a surprise ending; so if you like to howl, join along and do your best “ahhoooo..”


At full moon, I was drunk as a skunk
My belly full of bourbon, and my breath really stunk
On a dark dirt road, I stumbled home,
But I got lost in a graveyard, full of old tombstones
A feeling came over me, eerie and blue
I gazed at the stars, and I started to…..

Howl at the moon (3x)…..AHOOO(3x)

All of a sudden, a ghost appears
I ain’t no Scrooge, what the hell is going on here?
Well, the ghost stared me down, and then it said
Hey Nick, you have woken up the dead
I tried to run, but I got confused
And I jumped into a grave hole, and I started to

Howl at the moon (3x)…..AHOOO(3x)

I heard sirens, so I climbed up
Then someone shouted “Put your hands up"
Well, the police came, and drew their guns
They fired four shots (bang, bang, bang, bang)
And they shot me down, oh they shot me down

As I lay there in a pool of blood,
I got on my knees, and I looked up
And there it was, a beautiful full moon
And I started to…….

Howl at the the Moon (6X) AHOOO (6x)


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