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Pretty Penny

Tharek Ali Mokbul

I Got the Idea for this tune when I left Geir at Stanstead Airport.

Recorded it Last night after a Gig….

For the Folk Fest…

Pretty PennyWords and Music by Tharek Mokbul


Pretty Pennies sing about the troubles in the way.
Tells us all that we have sunk, the ship of better days.

If I could shrink the earth so pretty pennies cease to be.
no soul would fear the rivers, Or the roads that we need.

Social scenes not set apart by abject poverty.
Choose your class in carriages on a train that’s run by greed.

No mountain climb or valley drop will mix pleasantry with strife.
We’ll break down every boundary in this ordinary life.

I would build a time machine to stay right here with you.
Big brother holds the parts from me, so I must pass on through.

Travel on the rails of life, go straight from A to B…
Tire of the path laid out, come wonder now with me.

Pretty Penny’s all worn out, her copper tears now bleed.
shine all gone, and tarnished some. No gleam to show her yield.

Pretty Penny’s had her day. Come time for better things.
This lady’s kept good life from us. Now we can start to breath.

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