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3 guitar tracks followed by a track with the trap set. A lot of alt tuning lately posted on AT which I like. This guitar was tuned to an open G. After I did it, I thought the sound was more like a backwoods, hillbilly song.
Unfortunately, I did not have a banjo to add to this, so I did the next best thing…I added sound clips from Nancy Pelosi.

( sorry, but just a bit bent on the recent congressional shenanigans )

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02bfree said

Relevant stuff.

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Movement To Contact said

still loving the sweet lead in the background near the end of this one.

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Jason Earls said

Cool track! I wish I had 700 billion dollars.

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Alister Flint said

pfff too short! :p

Guest said

Yeah, brilliant backwoods feel. Love it, er too short!

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Movement To Contact said

I have come to love open tunings ;)Sweet Track

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Johnny Stone said

Great track mate.

Guest said

top-notch track and the guitars awe coolio!

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vaisvil said

Are these clips of Pelosi or Phyllis Schlafly? Excellent tune!

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Esoteric Fool said

Wasn't ready to be 'bailed out'!!! love the groove-

Guest said

And I think I especially love this because I have, like, 700 billion dollars in my back pocket. Vocal choices/guitar interplay work brilliantly. Almost like she is singing.

Guest said


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launched said

This rules!

Guest said

the best

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Norm said

Great track!

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Tharek Ali Mokbul said

You put together a Mean track Bro! Superb! MORE!!!!!!