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Put My Gibson Down

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You never would have caught me playing this genre a few years ago. WHat the hell happened ??
All the instruments were recorded with an open mic at my house. Which, as you know is always a chaotic place to record :) If you listen hard enough, you can hear one of my children laughing and a few doors slamming here and there. 3 of these instruments are pretty new to me, I just bought the banjo this week and I couldn’t resist playing the cello also (which my son has on loan from school.)


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Andrew Russe said

Oh yeah this sounds wonderful. I want a cello and a banjo.

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thetworegs said

You should put the Gibson down more often if this is the result.....another Beauty"......

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Dave Berry said

I love this, what a great sound. You are making me want to go out and get a banjo!!!!!! Sounds real good.

Guest said

Love this track John, really well written and the banjo sounds great!

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crackitopen said

that's what a banjo can do....and of course delilah...sweet

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Orphans said

really nice...clever writing...great sounds

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Tharek Ali Mokbul said

This recording is Just as it should be! Full of real life! Plus, the Song is Superb! Full of skill! Love it to bits! Cool as a Mountain stream!

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Reefwalker said

Thanks for the comments guys - Richard, you are right on, I should bring up the cello volume. It sounds perfect in the car but diminishes on my computer speakers. - cheers

Guest said

Triple doubled extra faved. Total masterpiece! Cool and clever writing, professional delivery and oh man it feels great!

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richardlaceves said

very nice,, the instruments all sound very fine,, the cello part is very soft, not really for me to say but perhaps the cello, which is a rich mellow deep string could be a tad louder,, it's rich low sound is a great compliment to the high twang of the banjo,,,however the song is wonderful as is,, take care r

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Movement To Contact said

Nice one man, very clean recording, perfect lyrics!

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Rick Phillips said

Yeee-ha is right! Feel like I'm looking out over those mountains now!

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vaisvil said

awesome work John! The recording sounds fine to me.

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kirklynch said

Great song! Enjoyed that!

Guest said

Ha, great idea. Love the chorus especially. Lovely track!