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Matt Mower's Favorite tracks on alonetone

by Mr Sandbags


52 Seconds

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I frequently go on training skates on a beach front trail. The parking lot is just off of a major highway bridge (the Burlington Skyway for those that know it). It’s always an interesting sound there…

I recently acquired got a little Pocketrax and recorded about 10 minutes of ambient noise. From that, I took a 52 second piece (trucks passing near, far and a few seagulls, it was a quiet Saturday morning).

Then I applied pretty much every trick I could think of to that 52 seconds, came up with about a 60 clips over 16 tracks (Live speak). Some bits are even musical.

Of course, the challenge, when you start building up this kind of pile of raw material is how to arrange and mix it into something sensible…

Here is one such outcome. I consider this rough still…

Rubber's avatar
Rubber said

The drama really starts at about 3 minutes. Real cool experimental piece.

ghst's avatar
ghst said

ahhh, i love the sounds, not sure if i would like to be on the burlington skyway if it sounded like this though.

Johnny Stone's avatar
Johnny Stone said

Wow mate this is really cool great job.

Guest said

Excellent. The 52 seconds somehow managed to not get redundant as it was transformed into 14min38sec. This captivated my attention all the way through to the end. Very Clever MMI.

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kirklynch said

I'm amazed at what you are able to put together with noise. Loving the rhythm that emerges at 6 minutes or so. Great stuff man!

Guest said

PS - The rhythm generated at around 10 mins 40-55 is fantastic!

Guest said

Another surprisingly melodic soundscape! Love those birds especially! This is very clever.

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dAb said

Like it! :)

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Mr Sandbags said

Well... what do you say? I think you have made something very beautiful and involving. I love the way that, at the beginning (especially but also, to a degree, throughout the piece), the whole thing moves as if riding waves. The sounds are interesting but seem to blend quite seamlessly, I think the arrangement is very good. I particularly like the use of resonation, I think it creates a great ambience towards the end of the track. I really wasn't ready for it to end.

Galileo's Cough Drop's avatar
Galileo's Cough Drop said

Interesting to hear 52 seconds turned into nearly 15 minutes of grooving ambience with a semi-industrial feel. Enjoyed that groove kicking in around 5 minutes in or so, too.