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Matt Mower's Favorite tracks on alonetone

by Mr Sandbags


11) gesellschaft

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Mr Sandbags said

All kinds of fabulous sonic shapes in here, another great track!

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Room 34 said

Excellent work... reminds me of some of my favorite video game soundtrack music. Would work very well in a Metroid game or in Portal... in other words, something sci-fi with a female protagonist, I guess!

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Erik Spangler said

sounds so sweet, damn... i'm usually into more sample-based tracks, but your use of synth layers is so tight

Guest said

wow gordy! i had NO idea of your musical inclinations whatsoever....these tracks are cosmic......touch me reminded me of my oral fixation for some reason- nice build. keep up the good work eh, where can someone get a hold of this tunage....cause if i was wound up before, im not now. this is some real kickback light it get it on sh*T...thanks for the turn on- atka

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dudymas said

doh! that was me that made that last comment about this. Sorry. Wasn't logged in.

Guest said

love the percs. And clever sampling cuts. The quiet hold loops are especially neat. Really neat tunes. I take it you like ableton live to be demoing to friends, eh?