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Matt Mower's Favorite tracks on alonetone

by Mr Sandbags


Hacking With The Reichatron

Uploaded .

Had the opportunity to play with sandbags’ fabulous Reichatron. This is what happened.

Guest said

that's some crazy software :)

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Wildgeas Music said

WOW M, you did a fine job. I am impressed with this Reichatron project.

Guest said

You could cut that atmosphere with a sharp tongue. Outstanding fella!

Guest said


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magneticgoat said

nice combo of analog and digital

Guest said


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kirklynch said

Wow! Great sounds!

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Mr Sandbags said

How could I not love something made with the sweat of my brow (and for once there really was a lot of sweat!). I enjoyed what you've done arranging the Reichatron output with other parts. This is fun :)