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Matt Mower's Favorite tracks on alonetone

by Mr Sandbags


Center: Peace and War, Force and Order

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Interactive audio walking tour, a collaboration with artist Kianga Ford.

The Story of This Place is a series of site-specific narratives that offer a portable audio soundtrack that guides the listener through a site with a fictional narrative inspired by real stories of the place’s inhabitants. They are fully realized only when experienced on foot by viewers in the original context, though the recording is also expected to drift through the circuits of personal audio into places far afield from this original view.

Charm City Remix is a set of narratives produced for the Mt. Vernon District of Baltimore, Maryland in 2008.

The Center walk, Peace and War, Force and Order: Jack and Bruno’s Meditation on Mt. Vernon Square, is a rather aimless promenade through the gardens of Mt. Vernon Place An introduction to central characters, Jack and Bruno, it blends the historical anecdotes and architectural highlights that dominate historical tours of this place into the quotidian ritual of walking the dog.

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Mr Sandbags said

Love this.

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glu said

Really enjoyed the part on *liberty*

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jennifer said

SCHPANGLER! This is schpanky. I love it.

Guest said

How beautifully done, I love the whole thing. What a wonderful delivery this lady has and the music fits perfectly.