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Matt Mower's Favorite tracks on alonetone

by Mr Sandbags



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This track started off with an idea. The idea was an instrument setup such that I could play a single note, or octave and have arps and stuff built it up…

I failed in that experiment by getting carried down the add more effects road and before I knew it I was channelling Christopher Walken…

Guess what!
I got a fever!
The only prescription is more e-bow!

kavin.'s avatar
kavin. said

Yes! More ebow!

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eshar said

This sounds out of this world...literally. Very enjoyable.

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kirklynch said

OK- I'm going back to playing electric again!. Great stuff

Guest said

This site is getting way too creepy. This could accompany a brooding cityscape, slowly zooming in on a horrific scene of "SOMETHING". Absolutely brilliant.

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glu said

oh wow, the ebow sounds great, especially around 02:30! *jealous. hmmm.. my analog ebow cannot achieve such silky smoothness without getting doused in verb

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glu said

when A.I. takes over the world!

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Mr Sandbags said

Wow. Beautiful, grimy, like someone giving a last salute to a barge full of gravel going over a waterfall.