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Matt Mower's Favorite tracks on alonetone

by Mr Sandbags


Ambient 3

Uploaded .

Another ambient piece from last year that I always intended to re record with better sounds, but never did. I will procrastinate- one of these days!!

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The Rose Serum Sextet said

That's nice!

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Sister Savage said

Spinning through a sleepless dream...

Guest said

I like the effective use of delay / effects, and the keys sound great.

Guest said

My god this is awesome!!! oh yeah!

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Whales said

All your ambient jams are awesome

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Gregg Pepitone said

Delicate guitar picking over a solomn undercurrent, I like it!

Guest said

Coo, I'm really enjoying this playlist, Kirk, it's special. Thanks Bee

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Mr Sandbags said

Kirk I've really enjoyed going through your ambient stuff (and also your bluesy stuff!) I can decide between this one and Ambient experiment 2. They're both delicious.

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dj num izisoundsystem said


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kavin. said

Nice use of delay!

Guest said

Wow, I'm loving your ambient stuff especially! This is wonderful! She's walking along the shore at dusk, contemplating if there is anywhere else to go...ever... *goes off in to dream*

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dudymas said

neat. Difficult mood change at 1:55 ish... and it's smoothed over really well. Ah, back down at 2:18 . You keep the motion swirly and ambient. the pans on the different instruments keeps the mix fascinating. Keep working on these guys... I love it.

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dougsparling said