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Matt Mower's Favorite tracks on alonetone

by Mr Sandbags


Pomodoro 1

I decided to focus by timeboxing the amount of time I spent on drums, bass and lead into 30 min sections based on the pomodoro technique. The idea was to spend 5 mins picking the sound for each part, then 25 mins making some loops with it to arrange. That worked up to a point, I ended up spending around 4 hours in total trying to make it sound not totally crap. I am happy enough with how it ended up.

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Guest said

nice break beat mate…those bubbly bass sounds with the FX are good!

Guest said

Gosh, that was intoxicating.

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Mr Sandbags said

Just realized I wasn’t following you so I hadn’t noticed your latest track. It’s got some lovely, ethereal, sounds in here and a beat that really carries it along. Cool track. So, it’s been nearly two weeks, when can we expect Pomodoro 2? :)