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No One Cares (Version 2020)

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© Paul Dempsey, 2011

Lyrics: Paul Dempsey
Lead Vocals: Mark Lee Fletcher
Backup Vocals: Andy Gupta, Henry Mittnacht
Bass: Andy Gupta
Drums: Alberto Villa
Percussion: Alberto Villa, Henry Mittnacht
Guitars: Henry Mittnacht, Bobby Clohessy
Solo Guitar: Mike Woodford
Whistling: Holger Bremer
Composed, arranged & mixed by Steffen Offermann

When I was younger
I had a hunger
I’d eat and then run
No lessons learned
Just bridges burned
The damage was done

When I got older
I still didn’t shoulder
Love’s heavy load
I picked up many
And discarded plenty
I walked a twisted road

Chapter by chapter
In between the covers
I ran through life
And ran through lovers
Far too many affairs
Then I discovered
There’s no postponing
Being alone … and
Finding … no one cares

To the ladies I made cry
Please pardon me if I
Never cared enough
What was on my mind
Was leaving you behind
For me it wasn’t tough

When doors start to close
I can only suppose
You get what you give
And if I could go back
I would like to retract
The way I chose to live

Guest said

Loved the Cloppy back beat, and the slidey Guitar sixths. cool

Guest said

Excellent rock the backing guitars & vocals!

Guest said

Most excellent song and beautifully done.