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Preacher Man

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Vocals: Paul T. Bathen
Lyrics: Michael Taub
Bass: William Fisher
Guitars: Bill Gifford
Drums: Gerald Langefeld
Composed, arranged & mixed by Steffen Offermann

I’m glad this song finally got finished. I had lost the synth draft and with it all my motivation to put this great lyric to music was gone too. But fortunately the right musicians came along to collaborate, and this is the result.

I’ll probably remix the song. Some day …

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facemask93 said

What an excellent song , i love everything about it , great production

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Andrew Russe said

Like the song, love the song, but you're right, I think there's a better a mix in there - it's almost like the lead vocal dominates the track too much... try thinning him out a bit mebbe? Seems a shame to do it though, he's got such a good rich voice :-)