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Pages Will Turn (Endless Spin)

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Original comment by Andy Gupta:

A 70s hard rock jam style of track. With incredible parts by Billy, Steve and Marcel, capped off by a meaty mix by Steffen.

Thanks so much guys!!!

Pages Will Turn aka “Endless Spin” (Gupta/McAndrew/Playle/Offermann/Hoeke) (c) 2013

Pages will turn
With lessons learned
How will they stand the test of time?
Wars be fought
As heads will roll
Human nature will take its toll

Strangers will meet
Good-byes be spent
With many things left unsaid
Walls torn down
Bridges burnt
Reduce the ways for turning back

One by one pages surely turn
Just as sure as the seasons change
If one could hold on to that thought that would last forever
But what can you hold on to when your life is passing you by

Silence be bought
While words still speak
For truth will set you free
Lives be led
Through days and nights
As we complete our cycle in time

Plans will be made
With paths to tread
Ending up where it all began
If we cannot agree
Let’s beg to split the difference
Quit the game while we’re still ahead

One by one pages surely turn
With the book of life being read
We all have to choose the way we lead our lives
Cause the world will still revolve, leaving only fools behind

Oh, behind are only the fools

The Crew:
Steve McAndrew : lead and backing vocals, co-lyrics
Billy Playle : guitars, organ, all solos
Marcel Hoeke : drums
Andy Gupta : Lyrics, music, guitar, bass
Steffen Offermann : Mix/Master

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