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Falling For You

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While I was going through my old stuff I found this forgotten tune. I think it was the first or second collab I’ve ever done with Billy Playle. We met at a long gone collaboration site called OMF (OpenMusicFactory, run by Alessandro da Lisca & Emiliano Andreotti) in 2007, and that’s when this song was created.

This is a quick new mix of it.

The song is based on an instrumental midi draft that I had posted at OMF. Billy replaced all the midi parts with real instruments, wrote the lyric and also did the vocals (including the vocal melody).


She comes to me like a sweet summer breeze
So soft and gentle
Floating like a melody
So softly… I’m waiting

Is this a dream?
Because I don’t want it to end

The wind it speaks your name
Hidden in my mind
For this time
We have to share
You don’t know
The fires that burn within’
And nobody knows
Where we go from here… go from here.
You understand my moods and comfort me

Won’t somebody pinch me
Am I still dreaming?
I just know that when I’m with you
My heart is dancing
You’re my little Angel
Watching over me
You know I want you now
I need you more

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JR James said

Michael McDonald all over this. Dig it.

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James Michael Taylor said

Very nice. Fine vocal.

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Andrew Russe said

Nice one.