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Sadie (by Bobby Clohessy) (Version 2021)

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Lyrics: Bobby Clohessy
Vocals: Gerry Casey
Guitars: Bobby Clohessy
Drums: Gerald Langenfeld
Bass: Alexander Wilden
Composed by Bobby Clohessy
Arranged & mixed by Steffen Offermann


In 2008 Bobby posted a draft of this rock song at a collaboration site that has ceased to exist. It consisted of only his guitar, Gerry’s vocals and programmed bass and drums then. I added some synthesizer parts … and forgot about the song. ;)

In 2010 I finally picked it up again and finished it. The mix may not be perfect, but my room acoustics were pretty bad then, and some of the seps were a challenge too - so I’m actually quite satisfied. :)

Gerry is Bobby’s cousin btw., Alex is a colleague of mine, and we all met at :)

… oh, and Sadie is not a woman! ;)